The National University of Public Service?s Faculty of Military Sciences and Officers? Training hosted the Advanced College for Security Policy?s (ACSP) First International Conference of Young Security Policy Experts? (ICYSEC) on May 29, 2012.

In the opening of the conference, dr. András Nemeslaki, the Deputy Rector of International and Scientific Affairs, highlighted that the event matches perfectly the efforts of the university regarding demonstrating the results of international scientific and professional life.
COL Dr. Gábor Boldizsár, the Dean of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officers? Training emphasized that the university and its 15 year old education of security policy has arrived to its most significant station as the generation of young professionals are capable of presenting and publicizing their professional efforts; both in front of domestic and international audience.
The ACSP?s honorary chairman, dr. József Lajos Németh explained that the conference is not just an opportunity, but also a motivation as to deepen the research of the participants, and to broaden the Hungarian and foreign security policy?s theoretic tools and results.
The conference had five different panels with 17 presentations. The five panels were the following: New forms of security threats and different strategies, Communication and Security, Iranian issues, Other regions, other countries and Hungary and her neighbors.
The young Polish, Serbian and Hungarian professionals have participated in every panel?s closing debate, by which new viewpoints and solutions were established.
By these efforts the goal of experience gathering and broadening the national and foreign relationship realized.
The first International Conference of Young Security Policy Experts was organized within the framework of ?Kockázatok és válaszok a tehetséggondozásban (TÁMOP 4.2.2./B-10/1)? tender, supported by The New Hungary Development Plan and the European Union.
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